1.    All Participants must sign a waiver prior to any tour or rental starting.
2.    A safety/operational briefing will always be given to Participants for Watersports Tours including Boat and Waverunners and for any other watersport rental equipment.
3.    It is compulsory that a Life Vest must always be worn by all passengers on Waverunners, Kayaks, SUPS, Jetboards and Waterbikes .  On the boat it is compulsory that any child less than 3 years of age wears a life vest if requested to do so by the captain.
4.    All renters must be physically fit and able to swim to make a booking. By making a booking, each client warrants that this is the case to Aqua Watersports.
5.    For the Waverunner  tours children aged 12-16 years must be accompanied by an adult of over 21 years.  Any person over the age of 16 years may ride solo, however, in order to carry a passenger you must be over 21 years.  The total maximum weight per ski is 450lbs.
6.    The minimum age for a solo kayaker is 14 years.  The minimum age if with an adult over 21 years in the same Kayak is 8 years. The maximum weight that can be accommodated is 300 pounds per person, with a total of 600 pounds for 2 kayakers in 1 kayak. 
7.    Watersports rentals cannot accommodate guests with back, knee, neck, shoulder or other mobility issues and is not wheelchair accessible. Similarly, some watersports rentals may not be suitable for pregnant women. 
8.    All renters must meet age and weight requirements.
9.    All persons involved with our rental activities acknowledge that said activities are potentially dangerous and agree to hold Aqua Watersports, all owners, employees and affiliated properties harmless.  In particular, the Jet Ski tour is classed as moderate/hard.  It is a physical tour and you will be driving jet skis at speeds up to 30mph for period of up to 30 minutes over open water which may well have a wave heights of up to 3 feet.  If you feel unable to participate in this type of activity please do not book it.
10.    Activities take place in fragile and protected environments and are subject to Cayman Islands Marine Conservation Law and Regulations. Our Crew will guide and instruct you on the best way to enjoy the Activities without injury to yourself or the environment. By commencing the Activity, each Participant agrees to comply with the safety and wildlife interaction instructions of the crew. Each Participant agrees to not behave in any way which causes discomfort, danger, damage or injury to the crew, other Participants, wildlife or environment.
11.    There will be no smoking whatsoever on the boat.
12.    Our price always includes gas, insurance, safety equipment, life vests and all ride-on passengers.  
13.    Aqua Watersports carries liability insurance coverage for all equipment, however physical damages incurred during the rental period are NOT covered. Renter is fully responsible for all of the costs related to damage to the equipment including lost rental revenues. A lot can happen on the water such as unexpected increased wave heights, wind gusts, storms or thunderstorms, sinkage, running aground, sucking up a towrope, or just bumping the dock or another boat. Please check your homeowner, renter, auto, or credit card policies to see if there is an endorsement available to you. This is an inexpensive alternative that most people can access fairly easily.
14.    Aqua Watersports offers NO insurance coverage for equipment damages incurred during your rental period. Furthermore, the Renter(s) understands and agrees that he/she who is known to Aqua Watersports as the Renter, is wholly responsible for anyone else who uses the equipment during the entire rental period.
15.    Renter is responsible for any and all losses and damages to Aqua Watersports equipment while in their care, including but not limited to full cost of new replacement equipment, from causes including but not limited to launching, beaching or running aground, collision with other boaters or objects on or below the water, docking, anchoring, or any other cause whether or not the renter is directly at fault. 
16.    Renter is solely responsible for ensuring the safety of themselves and any passengers on any vessel or watersports equipment during the rental or tour period.

Payments, Cancellations & Refunds
17.    We require credit card details to secure the booking which will be fully charged at the time of booking, with the exception of the boat charter which will require a 50% booking deposit at the time of booking and the balance to be paid 8 weeks prior to charter.
18.    All sales are final. Cancellations made 7 days or more before your reserved date are eligible for a full refund. With the exception of a boat charter reservation where cancellations made 14 days or more before your reserved date will be eligible for a  full refund. 
19.    Cancellations made between 3-6 days of rental (or 3-13 days for a boat charter) will receive 50% refund. 
20.    Any Cancellation made by a customer within 48 hours of their reserved activity or tour time will receive no refund whatsoever.
21.    NO SHOWS are charged in full for any tour or rental reservation. Any party that has not arrived by the scheduled time of the tour or agreed meeting time for a rental shall be deemed a NO SHOW.
22.    Prices quoted exclude food/beverage with the exception of boat charter where snacks and/or lunch and a complementary bar are included.
23.   All tour times are listed in Cayman Island time. Please make sure you are aware what the local time is so you do not show up an hour early or late (due to ship time difference). The Cayman Islands remain on United States Eastern Standard Time (EST) year round and do NOT change for daylight savings time.
24.    We reserve the right to cancel your reservation for violations to our policies.
25.    We reserve the right, solely at our discretion, to reschedule and/or cancel your reservation in the event of inclement weather. Reservations cancelled due to weather (or any other VALID and APPROVED reason) during the rental period will be given the choice of a full refund or rebooking at a later date or time.  This will be at the sole discretion of Aqua Watersports staff. Similarly, if you are a cruise ship passenger and your ship has not docked due to weather conditions we will also refund in full the payment taken
26.    All refunds will be made by method of payment used for the reservation.
27.    No refunds will be issued for early ride termination, especially those terminated due to UNSAFE behavior. 
28.    It is inevitable that reserved equipment will occasionally be unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances at the time of your rental reservation. We reserve the right to offer you substitute equipment of equal or greater value in lieu of the originally reserved equipment at no extra cost to you. If no alternate equipment is available, we really have no choice but to reschedule or cancel your reservation at the sole discretion of Aqua Watersports staff and offer a full refund.